Have you ever considered the fact that selling your books online can gain you even more profits? Did you think about the various ways in which you can do something to improve the techniques used to buy and sell books so that you earn more? Here we have for you some helpful tips so that you can increase your profit margin. Check them out and suggest them to your friends interested. 

Tip 1: Check out what is in demand!

If you are a book seller specializing in specific areas, like for instance romantic or suspense; it is always better to be a generalist seller of books. There is always a fierce competition in the field and you would want to be the best book seller. Therefore it is essential that you start selling the area of books that is in demand. 

Tip 2: Auctions and sales. 

It is always necessary that you plan your time in accordance with your money while setting up in this business. Innumerable can be brought into use for acquiring used books. Some of the many can be closing down dates, charity stores, and thrift stores, advertisements in newspapers, auctions, flea markets, bookstore sales and garage sales. Also you can get great deals on eBay where book are auctioned periodically and are available on good bargains. 

Tip 3: price them right: 

It is important that you set the prices for your books appropriately. You obviously don’t want to make less or nothing out of all the hard work you have done. First step is to research what other sellers charge for the books and also make a note of all the costs that are involved while acquiring a particular book. Consider the initial price charged for the book and then take into account the site sales commission, shipping costs, site listing fees and other costs. 

Tip 4: Research! 

You can give serious considerations to listing your books on some well-known websites like eBay or Amazon and expect real quick sales. Research for people who sell books online and also check for their free online listings. Do not limit yourself to selling the books on as many as sites possible to increase your sales and profits thereby. It is important that you read constantly and research to gain high profits in the business. 

Tip 5: Honest is the best policy! 

The last but not the least, is be honest and accurate while you describe your books to the readers while listing them on the websites. This leads to a better credibility and loyalty towards your customers. 
By following these techniques you are sure to make huge profits in selling the books. Good luck! 

The concept of romance was introduced into novels by the Western Culture and most probably in English speaking countries. Novels that have love as their basic theme in which the protagonists or the leading characters fall in love with one another and have to overcome hurdles that come in their way in order to safeguard their love are romantic novels. The settings and plots of these novels make it possible for the reader to predict the climax but the descriptions and use of techniques like flashback or suspense make it interesting to read these novels.
Romantic novels are further classified into sub-genres that include teenage love, erotica, interracial themes, Christian, contemporary, paranormal, vampire romance and historical.
There are millions of romantic novels written by great authors ranging from William Shakespeare, Jane Austen to Nicholas Sparks, Eric Segal and Grisham. It is necessary that you find the one that appeals to you the most. To help you find the best read, here are some of the novels that might interest you and develop a liking for romantic novels.
If you wish to historical romance, Georgette Hever’s novels set in the Regency period is the best pick. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen written in 1847 is a masterpiece. If you decide to go by the numbers and best selling statistics the novel ‘Pamela’ by Samuel Richardson is highly recommended as five editions of it were sold in just the first eleven months of its publishing.
Examples of contemporary novels are ‘Bet me’ by Jennifer Crusie, ‘Match if you can’ by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, ‘Sugar Daddy’ by Lisa Kleypas are some of the finest ones.
For modern romance you can take up the Harlequin novels or the best love stories publisher Mills and Boon. Nicholas Sparks, Bella Andre, Sophie Kinsella are some of the many romantic authors who include romance as seen in today’s world. Under the category vampire love, the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is well known. Also novels like Vampire Diaries and the Host are ideal for vampire romance.
Teenage love is well depicted in Lizzie McGuire novels based on the popular TV show, Perfect chemistry by Simone Elkeles are some of the examples.
The instances for Paranormal romantic novels are Lover Awakened, Lover Mine, and Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward. Paranormal novels are usually recommended for adult readers for the violent descriptions included in them.
The list of romantic novels is infinite and therefore it is recommended that you join an online program like the Goodreads.com or Nexttag that are programmed to suggest you novels as per your priorities. You can also buy romantic novel online from Amazon. It is important to keep in mind that reading modern love stories at the beginning can help you develop interest in romantic novels that you can further scale up to classic romantic novels by Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and William Blake. Romantic novels are simpler while reading and do not affect the psyche of the readers in any ways.  
So go ahead and get yourself drenched into the romance!

There are many people who are willing to write novels, but they will not be able to execute it. Because they don't have where and how to begin. Here are the tips that can help you in writing romantic novels.

Draw a plot outline:
Write down the points that you have in mind. Write your story what is about and the outline of the story. Add some drama or twist in the middle, to make readers enjoy the novel. This helps you to proceed with the writings.

Describe your characters  
The important part of the novel is the characterization. Always remember not to connect with the characters in the novel.  Write down your protagonists lead in the novel from their age to desires of life and more.

Include intriguing event
When you watch a film especially romantic movies, you will be eager  to know the endings right? This is how a novel should also be. Your readers should grasp for climax. You should also think about some interesting events and should build up to the plot and lead to the climax.

End with panache
Many writers work hard to bring their novel popular, but the most common mistake they make is on the endings. They just rush things up.  Running to complete  your  work will result in spoiling of the novel . So save the  best for the last. If the novel is great and if the climax are disappointing then the novel will speak as bas taste in the reader's mouth. So make sure you give equal importance to the climax.

Write fitting dialogues
The integral part of romantic novels in Dialouges. Stop writing heavy romantic lines and give importance for dialogues. Readers always expect dialogues at situations. Be realistic and natural in setting dialogues at the correct place. And include romantic dialogues between the protagonist A and B.

Read lots of romantic novels
Reading helps you lot. If you are writing a romantic novel, then you probably should read lots of romance novels. Many have written starts well in the middle and mess things at the end. This is because of confusion. You can flush those confusions by reading novels it helps you get the essence of how a good romance novel should be.

Keep patience
Patience is very important for writers. Many writers don’t get to their level they aspire because of lack of patience. Choose a proper time to write, keep your mind free. Increase your chances to write better. Keeping patience while writing is very important. It takes time before you hi the peak.

Write regularly
Writing should be regular especially for novels. Sudden stoppage of writing will result in postponing of work. You have to write regularly to make your mind fit. You may lose interest and your aspiration of writing novels will fly away. So keep writing.

Proper grammar
Check novel and correct spellings, punctuations and grammatical issues. Readers don’t encourage novels that have wrong grammar.

Enjoy what you write
What ever your writings may take interest and write it. Focus on writings what you feel others would like then you will surely success in your career.
There are many ways to sell your eBooks. There are many who will go about selling their eBooks with the aid of services such eBay and Amazon whereas the others might consider resorting to online eBook publishers for help. Self-publication and effective marketing help over a long way in selling your eBooks and making most of the money out of it.
The greatest advantage that you gain by self-publishing an eBook is that you get to eliminate the middle man and can gain financial benefits of every book that you are able to sell. The point to be noted here is that even if you have limited marketing skills, this method is very lucid to begin with then. Creating a web site for every eBook that you are thinking to sell is the first step that is to be undertaken. On this website, it is crucial that you post extensive information about your eBook which can aid the potential buyers. Along with it, you need to post an excerpt from your eBook and reviews.
You will then need to decide the way of selling your eBook and what type of payment system you will be using. These factors can be decided by spending little amount of time online.
Once all that is done, you will have to make the use of mediums such as articles, advertisements, mailing lists and every other marketing medium to advertise your eBook and lead the interested buyers to your main website which is going to be the medium of selling your eBooks. This is the most crucial step in the process of self-publishing. Since this can be made possible only through extensive research, it is advisable to sharpen your marketing skills.

If you are a writer then it is very essential that you should have some knowledge about the book publishing after writing a great book. Here in this article we have discussed three most significant and basic points that a writer should consider to avoid wastage of their own and the publisher’s time as well. Hope the below mentioned points or the tips will help you lot after completing your book and its publication process.

The very first thing, which writers should keep in their mind that the book publishers don’t really care about content or quality of the book to be published. Even though you will like the fact, but it is a true fact that no matter how interesting topic you have selected or how hard you have worked on your book. The only thing they look for that will enhance total sell of the book and ultimately help them to earn lots of money from it in a period of time. Hence, it becomes very essential for you to do a complete research on your selected topic, even before you start writing on it to make sure that there is a demand on that particular subject or not? If, you have written a book on any topic that does not have much demand in market then in such case you really need to battle hard to publish your book.

The second thing that you should consider is while going to any publisher avoid explaining them the reasons which will make your book as well as you something like great. You just need to explain the reason that will make your book popular and will enhance it sell. To make the publisher understand about it, you can make your own presentation, stating the records of any other book on similar topic or subject along with their demand statistics. The more numbers of examples you can present in front of him/her, it will be much easier for you to convince him/her. In short, we can say that just focus on profit potential rather than the content of your book.

Last step or the last point that you should keep in mind where many individual get disillusioned is that you should keep this in mind that money, which you will make from your book will be very negligible when it get compared with the amount that the publisher will make. If you are actually lucky to have really a big seller that is little rare unless you are any known personality or celebrity, you can be lucky to generate $20,000 after clearing all the smokes whereas your publisher will generate around four times of your work. In simple terms, do not keep your expectation too high, as with just one or first book you cannot make huge profit.
It seems that 2013 is a fruitful year for the reader as there are numbers of books from popular authors are awaited this year and at the same time there are some that has already been launched in the month of January and February, 2013. Here are few books that have already been released in the market and got nice review for it. Here are some of the best novels released in 2013 in no proper ranking:

    Tenth of December (George Sanders)

It is a comical and heartbreaking book based on American life. In “Home” soldiers returns after leading the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to the deteriorating family circumstances. In the “Victory Lap”, spoiled abduction is stated in three varying perspectives. The “Tenth of December” has now prompted all-out rave profile from New York Times. For the fans of George Saunders, the story of the book is set at theme park.

    Scenes from Early Life (Philis Hensher)

This is the eighth novel by Philip Hensher, displays for the very first time that he has hugely concealed in his past: his heart. The story is written in form of the memoir, which has been narrated in voice of real life husband of hensher, Zayed Mahmood, this novel also invites assessment with the Autobiography of Alice B by Gertrude Stein. Described as the hybrid of history, fiction and biography – and both as loving and clever, inventive project that distinctly intriguing.

    Vampires in the Lemon Grove (Karen Russell)

The short stories by Russell are marked by the super follow by: many from them succeed because of the iron-clad commitment of the writer to often fantastical prides. The very first collection of her short stories is St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves that draws powerful metaphor for the adolescent girlhood in actual orphanage for the girls raised by writer. Her debuted novel, Swamplandia as her debuted novel set for Pulitzer prize and now her second book with collection of some of the best stories has been introduced in February.

    See Now Then (Jamaica Kincaid)

This is first novel by Kincaid in last one decade, where she has settles in small town of Vermont, where she dismembers the present, past and future of crumbling marriages of Mrs. Sweet, who has two children, Persephone and Heracles and how her husband who is also a composer leave her for younger musician. Kincaid is a writer who is well known for her clean view through surface of various things.

    Give Me Everything You Have – On being Stalked (Jamed Lasdun)

James Lasdun is an English novelist, poet as well as a short story writer has introduced a new book that is short memories regarding harrowing and long experience at hands of former student that set out for destroying him and by online accusations of theft and sexual harassment.
There are number of websites that are offering e-books now days and at the same time they are also offering a great platform to the writers who want their e-book publishing or e-book promotion through the help of these websites and www.pegasuspublishing.net is one of them. However, length acts as a trouble for many of the new author while e-book publishing.

Let’s find out how long the e-book should be while your e-book promotion.

It has been said that there is no perfect answer for this question. As per many of the e-book writers, it has been said that the length of the book should entirely depend on two elements such as topic and genre of the e-book. For example if you prefer to write on “how-to, non-fiction genre.”

If you are planning to write on subject that are familiar to you such as freelance writing, e-book publishing or the affiliate or internet marketing then it is important that you should keep them in between the word count of 10,000 to 15,000 words, which means 40 to 60 pages consisting an average of around 257 words on every page of the book.

Of course, it is not compulsory that you should keep the number of pages in your mind while writing your book, rather you should try to cover all the essential points in your book related to your topic so, that your readers will get a complete idea on that topic. However, such number of word counts or the number of pages are considered as just perfect for the e-book and ultimately helps you in your e-book promotion.

When you will search the answer for the same question on Google, surely will get many different response, carrying wide range of pages such as:

The short non-fiction e-book can be as small as of 24 pages consisting 6000 word counts in it, whereas the longer e-books should carry word counts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 or from around 30 to 100 pages. However, you should keep this in mind that the length of the book should entirely depend on the audience you are targeting. It is also very important that your information offered in your e-book should be impressive and not be exaggerated.

It has been seen that the buyers of e-book get their choice of book due to various reason such as learn the method to do any particular thing, to be transported by any story and many more.

Hence, it becomes very vital that you should know your target audience and the reason why they will buy your e-book, rather the focusing mainly on the length of the book. Then only your e-book publishing can be a big hit and you will get the success in writing e-book as well as e-book promotion.

Even if you are not an online publisher or an author, but still if you feel enthusiast about writing then you can write and publish your book on pegasus publishing. It is quite simple and you just have to write a book, then re-design it with e-reader format and later publish it on the site.
As, you might be aware about the fact that in today’s time many people opt for e-books to read on various interesting topics as per their choice then in such case it will be great opportunity for the new writers to show their talent to the world as well as to earn some money.

Here are few tips that you can follow to write an e-book:

Select a category:
The first thing that you need to require while writing an e-book is to select a category, which should be based on your interest, principles or hobbies. For example, if like self-help books then you can write in topics such as ways to overcome various challenges I life, suitable way of time management, ways to lead a healthy life etc.

Write book outline:
An outline helps in organizing the thoughts and at the same time it directs the flow of the book. It ultimately helps in saving lots of time in long run, rather than starting to write book exactly after you decide on category.

Be sure that you should include all the details of your e-book. For example, if you are planning to write a book on ways to do the flower arrangements that you should try to include color arrangement section, most commonly used flowers along with their names and some affordable place to get the materials and many more.

Start Writing:
Since, here we are discussing about e-book publishing then you should try to use the word processing software while writing the book. It will help you to check the grammar and spelling errors. It will also help you to know the total word count of the book.

Create introduction section:
It is very important that you should include interesting and catchy introduction section for your e-book, which will help you to attract readers for your book. For example, while writing a book on flower decoration you can start with a nice quotation of fun with flower arrangement. You can also enhance the interest of the readers with few questions such as do you want to be an expert in flower arrangement or want show your creativity with flower arrangement?

It is also very important that you should highlight essence of your e-book by offering few ways of flower arrangement. Try to explain your readers that your e-book will help them to achieve their respective goal. At the end of the introduction part doesn’t forget to say thanks to your readers for buying your e-book and making out some time to read it.

Work on chapters:
Try to keep your book and topics shorter and create sections for various topics such as a separate chapter for wedding arrangements, Ikebana arrangement, interior design and many more. Avoid exaggerating any topic as it will lead to boredom while reading unnecessary things. You can use the outline of the e-book to write the chapters.

End with conclusion:
The conclusion is nothing but the summary of the e-book, where you should mention all the important points of the book all again but it should be much shorter than the introduction of the e-book.

Read & Edit your e-book:
It is very important that you should read and then edit the book after completing it for any sort of improvement in it.
After following all the steps while writing your e-book, you can visit www.pegasuspublishing.net to get assure that you have written a book compatible to the website. Now, to upload the book you can follow the various steps mentioned at the site.

The list of the Best Romance Novels is never ending, as there are number of romance novels you can find online with great stories. However, in this article we will discuss five best romance novels available online of year 2012.
Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James):
This novel have got first ranking for the best novels of 2012, and it true to some extent. This novel is available in series consisting of three parts and this is the third part. It is a story of a young college girl named as Anastasia Steele who conducts interview of a young but mysterious and wealthy businessman, Christian Grey as a college project. Ana get attracted to him due to his uniqueness and after several meeting they fall for a passionate sensual affair where she starts discovering his dark side hidden deep inside him as well as his persistent need to control by his sadistic sensual practices along with his own desires.
Dream Lake (Lisa Kleypas):
The Dream Lake is also the third part of Friday Harbor series and is one of the most popular romance novels. However, to completely understand this novel you need to read the other two novels of this series. It is a story of two love-wrecked persons living in small city referred as Friday Harbor. Alex Nolan is the youngest among the two and is worst affected through his parents’ alcoholism and difficult childhood. Now, after his separation from his wife and paying compensation while his divorce he became financially broken also and falls for alcoholism and at the same time become more bitter and untrusting for others. In this process he gets a companion in the form of ghost names Zoe Hoffman who has her own struggles in life and she was also hurt number of time by her close ones. In the first sight only both runs for each other and get together in unforeseen situations, where regular battle takes place between them which also changes the life of both the, but of course in better sense.
The Witness (Nora Roberts):
This exciting romance novel is one of the most popular novels on online resources. It is a story of Elizabeth Fitch, who is a student and keeps the world at her fingertips but just out of the reach because of her father who is a neurosurgeon and map out her life for her. At one evening, being rebellious she drinks too much of alcohol and get seduced by one Russian man and accompany her to his place at Lake Shore Drive. However, she never knew that the night will change her life forever. To know how, you must read the whole novel.
The Marriage Bargain (Jennifer Probst):
This is a story of Nicholas Ryan who is looking for a wife for himself and fast in order to get the corporation of his billionaire father for which he needs to be married. However, the only problem that he has is that he has an emotional baggage due to broken home in his childhood and due to which is never believed in love or marriage. Alexa Maria Mekenzie, who is sister of Nike has a female friend who is going through a financial problem, makes a plan to help her by making a brilliant plan to tie both her friend and her brother in marriage for just one year to sort out their respective problems. However, fate had something else for three of them in comparison to what they actually expected.
Last Boyfriend (Nora Roberts):
This is a light as well as a warmhearted romantic novel telling story of two friends Avery and Owen who discover each other in quite new form that they had never expected. They lived as the best of friend for the entire life and Owen was the first boyfriend of Avery when she was just 5 years old. Now Owen is planning to start his business with his brother right across the pizza parlor of Avery where she gets more of innocent opportunity to gaze at him. How, Owen helps Avery every time get past of some of her hidden secrets from childhood to know it you have to read the entire novel.
Can self-published books be sold without any special marketing strategies? What are the ways in which Self Publishers can use promotion techniques to make their books known?
Some of the options are provided below:
Promoting before publishing
A smart way of promotion is to people aware of your book even before you get it published. You can choose one of the many options available before the book actually enters into the market. By making use of the various Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo it is possible for the readers to have a quick promo of your book. You might as well post on your wall a free sample of one of the chapters in the book. This helps you to know the response by your readers and make necessary changes before the book gets published.
You can also try writing blogs which make the people aware of your writing skills and the ones who read your blog will definitely be interested in reading your book. This also creates a buzz about your book even before it is published.

Go, Social Networking!
It may sound a tad too much to give so much significance to social networks but this is the ultimate reality. This is the one way you can let people know about your talent. Twitter, Facebook or Good Reads and Shelfari meant for Interest and Book Social Networks can do wonders for book and make it a bestseller.

Free is best!
Being a new author, it is difficult to have an audience of your own. Therefore it is recommended to give away a free sample of the initial chapter in your book, audio recordings or the entire book as a means to promote your book. Everyone in the world like things given away freely and this can make your book know to all. You can also use the Kindle Select Program through which you can make use of the 5 Promo days to give away your book freely to the readers. This will lead to mouth publicity among people and your book can benefit.

The Virtual tour and Author talk
For readers who are beyond your reach, you can make use of blogs where you can post a virtual tour of your book and also say a few words yourself. You may also call upon a guest to discuss few topics about your book and other related subjects. This will surely have an influence on all the blog readers.